Photo Merging Range

Merge two faces from two photos onto one pendant.  This is the solution to not having a good photo with both people in. This is a technical process which is performed at the time of production.
Select the sub-category for the number of images you want to have merged on the pendant.

The preview option allows you to upload two photos but can not show the best achievable results.

At the time of producing the pendant we use photo editing software to cut out faces and then merge them together proportionally on the pendant.

There is a limit of how many faces can be positioned on a pendant according to size and shape. As you add each extra face the size of that face will decrease on the pendant; as you reduce a photo less detail is visible. For this reason we recommend a maximum of 4 or 5 faces on a large pendant and only 2 on the smaller pendants.

Photo engraving uses a diamond drill to impact on the face of the pendant in very fine detail. By creating contrast between light and dark areas of a photo a three-dimensional holographic effect is achieved. When the light falls on the photo the pendant has a magical glint.

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