Gold Plate Medium Heart


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Merge two faces on this heart-shaped pendant. Photo merging is when a person’s head is edited from a photo so it is next to another person.
The preview option will give you some idea as to how the produced pendant will look but the photo editing performed at the time of production is far more extensive.

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We recommend you make a preview to see how your photo will look.

Additional information

Weight6.5 g
Dimensions27 × 27 × 1.2 mm


A great Valentine’s Day gift with your chosen photo and you can have a small amount of text engraved on the back of the pendant.
The size of a pendant determines the detail in the photo engraving; smaller pendants have less detail which is why we recommend focusing on a face and not trying to put more than one person’s face on a small pendant.
If in doubt as to the suitability of your photo for engraving please email us the photo before placing your order and we will advise you.
Our email address is

Photo Merging option: If you have two photos of people you want to appear on the same pendant we can merge the two photos. Upload the photos in the order process. Include an accurate description in the Orders comment box if as to which individuals you want to appear on the pendant.
Please note due to the complex nature of producing this item we may make production decisions which means we will not be able to follow your instructions to the letter.

Photo Requirements

  • Please Note: We decide at the time of producing whether to remove the background from the photo. Sometimes we judge it better to leave the background in.
  • The quality of photo you submit will determine how well it reproduces on a pendant. Please be aware to reproduce your photo on a pendant will mean it is reduced in size and detail. You can not get the same level of detail on something that is smaller than the original. The size of the pendant is stated on the product page.
  • We recommend you make a preview before ordering. Please understand the preview is much larger than the actual pendant to help you position your photo accurately. It is not representative of the actual pendant size.
  • QIQO: QUALITY IN QUALITY OUT. The quality of the photo you submit to be reproduced will determine how nice your photo pendant looks
  • If in any doubt as to the suitability of the photo you want to use please email it to for our advice.
  • For more information see our photo requirements page here: Photo Requirements

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Couldn’t have asked for better!

I couldn’t thank these guys enough for the amazing job they did, it turned out perfect! I will definitely be buying from here again!!