Christmas 2021…Are you Ready?!

As we edge closer to the end of the summer, and the seasons change into colder months, our thoughts turn to Christmas planning! A lot of people begin planning for Christmas in July, to prevent any stress. This also means that they’re able to tackle smaller things early on, rather than having a very large to-do list closer to the...Read More

Grief and Bereavement and how to cope with them.

Bereavement and grief are periods of mourning and great sadness, especially prominent after the death of a loved one. This blog will describe the meaning of these feelings and provide advice for how to deal with them. What is Grief?: Grief is the ‘conflicting feelings that are caused by the end of or the change of a familiar behaviour or...Read More
September Wedding Anniversary Engagement Month

September! – The month of marriage

As September approaches, couples start to think about tying the knot. With 38% of couples getting married in the fall, September becomes the ideal month. It provides that fall feeling, yet still offers the warm weather of summer. Also with better availability than the summer months and often blessed with good weather, September is slowly becoming a more popular month...Read More
Flying The Nest University Family Friends Memories Keepsakes

Flying the Nest! – How to cope with the university transition

[caption id="attachment_6603" align="alignnone" width="2520"] Flying the nest can often be a huge challenge. Photo Pendant specialise in keepsakes for those you love.[/caption] Seeing a child fly the nest can often be extremely challenging for everyone involved. Although the move is often inevitable and you've known all this time, nothing can really prepare you for that day. Some loved ones dread...Read More
Results Day and New Adventures University Flying the Nest Milestone

Results Day & New Adventures! – One of the most rewarding rites of passage

With grades still on the rise for the second year in a row.... First of all, a huge 'CONGRATULATIONS' for results day, to all of you out there. I'm sure it was a nerve-racking few months (if not longer), but it's over for now! Time to move onto bigger and better things... Having spent most of their student life in...Read More

If You Love Cats, This May be Why

What Cats Can Teach Us About Affection [caption id="attachment_5007" align="alignnone" width="300"] Source: Devaint Art image by ClassicSonicSatAm[/caption] If you're like me, you adore cats. Why do we find these creatures so irresistible? Perhaps like myself, you’ve owned a cat — or more likely, been owned by one. You know the joy that cats can bring, even when they’re being...Read More

Baby Loss Awareness Week 9-15 October

This post was copied from Tommy's Facebook page. Tommy's is a charity which funds research into miscarriage, premature birth & stillbirth and provide free pregnancy health information to parents-to-be. By 2030 they want to halve the number of babies who die during pregnancy or birth. #TheBabyLossSeries, a collaboration with the team at Stillbirth Stories in honour of #BabyLossAwarenessWeek. Featuring real...Read More