Flying the Nest! – How to cope with the university transition

Flying The Nest University Family Friends Memories Keepsakes
Flying the nest can often be a huge challenge. Photo Pendant specialise in keepsakes for those you love.

Seeing a child fly the nest can often be extremely challenging for everyone involved. Although the move is often inevitable and you’ve known all this time, nothing can really prepare you for that day. Some loved ones dread the day, feeling anxious about their departure. Here we’ve listed a few handy tips to help you both prepare and focus on staying positive…


Try not to meddle

  • We all know that you only want what’s best for your child. Keep in mind, we can’t be there for all of life’s ups and downs. University is all about independence. So try not to interfere with their university life, loosen the reins and let them find their own feet. It’s all about growing up, however difficult.
  • Plan things ahead of time. Knowing that everything is organised and ready to go ahead of schedule, alleviates stress on all parties involved. This may also mean, speaking with your loved one about how they feel about you going or staying on their first day too. Don’t see it as an insult, it’s just to avoid getting in their way on their first day. It doesn’t mean they don’t need you anymore, trust us!
  • Upon leaving them on their first day, you may feel downtrodden and have a tear in your eye, but stay positive and calm to provide them with the best start. They’re less likely to worry about you and become homesick. After all, it’s not ‘Goodbye’, it’s ‘See You Later’. With Face-Time and Skype, they’re only a click away. So try keeping a rational and positive mindset, for their sake, if not yours.
Flying The Nest University Family Friends Memories Keepsakes
Try to stay positive to provide them with the best start. It’s not ‘Goodbye’, it’s just ‘See You Later’.

Keep In Touch

  • An empty room and one less person to cook for. You may struggle once they’ve left for university. Whether it’s weeks or months, it’ll feel like you’ve lost a part of yourself. Don’t feel abandoned. As I spoke about above, technology has become advanced enough to allow us to stay connected and feel close, even if you’re both miles away, it no longer has to feel like it. That doesn’t mean bombarding them with calls and messages. Don’t expect them to give you a run down of every moment of their day. Instead, give them space and simply arrange a day and time that’s convenient for both of you.
  • We all know about keeping you child’s room exactly as they left it, just in case they come back. More often than not, they will stay there only a few times a year. That doesn’t mean you should neglect it, avoiding things from sadness isn’t healthy. Utilise the room when they’re not there, even if it’s something silly like a laundry room. After all, since I left for university, my parents used my room as a storage room instead! (I can only just about get to my bed and you can forget about my wardrobe! Ha ha!).
  • With all that free time on your hands now, why not invest it into a new hobby, or maybe you have a project you’ve been meaning to do for years. Fill up your time with positive hobbies. It’ll keep your mind busy, which will de-stress and help you find that new purpose in life.
  • This is the moment in your life to focus on the positive. Sure you’ll be a bit emotional, but most find that given the space, they often become more connected with each other. You both become less stressed in each others presence and are no longer under each others feet. Let’s face it, it wasn’t always sunshine and sprinkles every day. Plus the other benefit is, you have more ‘me’ time, no more hard-working parent, just a blissful break (or at least a little break if you have more children!).
Flying The Nest University Family Friends Memories Keepsakes
Keep in touch with family and friends with social media platforms like Skype and Face-Time.

We all know it’s hard to see a child start their independence, but it happens to all of us! Whether you’re a parent, grandparent, brother, sister etc. Why not send them off with a personalised congratulatory good luck charm? We here at Photo Pendant understand how important these milestones in life are. For more information, visit our homepage today!

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