September! – The month of marriage

As September approaches, couples start to think about tying the knot. With 38% of couples getting married in the fall, September becomes the ideal month. It provides that fall feeling, yet still offers the warm weather of summer. Also with better availability than the summer months and often blessed with good weather, September is slowly becoming a more popular month than June and it doesn’t come as a surprise. Plus who could resist an excuse to serve apple pie and cider at your reception!

September Wedding Anniversary Engagement Month
September is rapidly becoming the most popular month for weddings. For wedding keepsakes…

If you’ve decided to become an autumn bride, first of all ‘Congratulations!’ and secondly here are some fun signs and symbols associated with a September marriage

September Wedding Anniversary Engagement Meditation Serene
Serene moments that you can share together…
September Wedding Anniversary Engagement Month Sapphire Gem Stone
The birthstone of September is known for it’s rich blue colour. Fun fact: Sapphires can in fact come in any colour of the rainbow, just in case blue isn’t your style.


September Wedding Anniversary Engagement Month Save the Date Lucky
Make your day extra special by picking your lucky date.


September Wedding Anniversary Engagement Aster Flower Bouquet Floral
Vibrant shades for a beautiful bouquet.


As the saying goes ‘Married in September’s golden glow, smooth and serene your life will go.’ Even though we don’t know you personally, being told your married life is smooth sailing and peaceful is definitely the kind of sign I’d like to receive!

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September Wedding Anniversary Engagement Month Keepsakes

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