Results Day & New Adventures! – One of the most rewarding rites of passage

Results Day and New Adventures University Flying the Nest Milestone

With grades still on the rise for the second year in a row…. First of all, a huge ‘CONGRATULATIONS‘ for results day, to all of you out there. I’m sure it was a nerve-racking few months (if not longer), but it’s over for now! Time to move onto bigger and better things…

Having spent most of their student life in the same city, most of our loved ones are looking to head off to university. Undoubtedly excited about moving away to pursue their dream degree, whilst also having the chance to have their first big adventure. Almost like a bird taking it’s first flight from the nest. Although exciting, this process can be extremely stressful for both the student as well as their loved ones, but this shouldn’t be the case.

Often this is the time of year where we see our loved ones display attitudes and personalities that is unlike them. Remember, this is a big moment for all of you. One of the biggest milestones of our lives. It’s normal to get nervous, withdrawn and even scared. THIS IS A HUGE CHANGE! But they’ll soon learn that change can often be extremely rewarding, although fear of the unknown will always be there to accompany it. Feeling scared of new experiences is very common, it makes us feel uneasy, but you need to use that fear as a driving force, turn it into excitement. If we live in constant fear, we’ll never get to experience great adventures. Go on, take the dive!

It’s okay to become overly emotional. Loved ones should become a part of and welcome the emotional roller-coaster with arms wide open. Let them know it’s a normal reaction. We’ve all been through it or will experience this at some point in our lives. Take it as a privileged. Society’s rite of passage. With the inevitable approaching, here are some helpful tips to make the most before their departure…

Results Day and New Adventures University Flying the Nest Milestone

Spend some quality time together

    • Depending on where they’re heading, you may not see much of each other once university gets a hold of them. Don’t blame them for it, they’re young, excited and want to experience as much as they can. Instead try to spend time together when you can. Arrange family gatherings as a way of congratulations, so that everyone will have fond memories before their departure.
    • On the other hand, remember they’re likely to be feeling extremely anxious too. So don’t force too much attention upon them, as it may make them worry more. After all, any young adult will most likely want to spend time with their friends too before heading out of town. So a little bit of respect from both parties will definitely give them the space they need.
    • Although, you may want to make sure they have the best start. Again don’t force this upon them, but slyly introduce them to your tried-and-tested household tips. This should alleviate any fears about living independently. At least touch upon the basics of cooking food and washing clothes. Remember they’re trying to be independent!

Life is a roller-coaster. Not because of the ups and downs, but because you have to just get on and have the time of your life!

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