Choosing a Pendant Style

At Photo Pendant UK we offer a range of pendant styles and shapes to suit different purposes and photos. Photographs can be split into two broad styles; portrait which is an upright image or landscape, which is wider than taller. We find portrait photos work best for photo engraving as they tend to be close up to the subject and have more contrast.

Your choice of pendant shape is dictated by the style of photo

Circular shaped pendants include Oval pendants; the classic portrait shape of a persons head and shoulders; a school photo would work well in this shape. A circular photo pendant suits a close-up portrait of a person with a small text message on the bottom.

Most mothers would be overjoyed with a photo of their child as a birthday present. Alternatively a pets face will work well if the background is contrasting.

Amongst the oblong pendants are a square pendant; very practical for key rings; Ring rectangle which is better suited to the head and shoulder portrait or upper torso;

Family rectangle suited to family/group pictures as will allow three or four individuals to be engraved in sufficient detail to be recognisable.

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