Silver 925 Snake Chain


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This is 925 silver snake chain which comes in 3 lengths; 18, 20 and 24 inches.
It is recommended for 925 Silver photo pendants that weigh more than 10g.
This chain has an easy to open and close lobster clasp.

The 18 inch snake chain is 1.2mm thick and weighs 4.1g.
The 20 inch snake chain is 1.2mm thick and weighs 4.4g.
The 24 inch snake chain is 1.8mm thick and weighs 11g



This chain is thicker so spreads the weight of the pendant over more surface making it more comfortable when the pendant is heavier.

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The 18 inch  recommended for:
925 Silver Deluxe Bevelled Portrait Photo Pendant  8.75g.
925 Silver Medium Round Photo Pendant 8.1g
Small Round 925 Deluxe Bevelled Silver Photo Pendant 9g

The 20 inch:
925 Silver Portrait Pendant Photo Pendant
925 Silver Small Jigsaw Piece Photo Pendant
925 Silver Deluxe Bevelled Heart Photo Pendant

The 24 inch:
925 Silver Bevelled Portrait Photo Pendant
925 Silver Bevelled Diamond Drop Photo Pendant
925 Silver Diamante Portrait Photo Pendant

Customer Reviews

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Photo came out perfectly, great gift

Ideal with heart pendant

Just right for any of the heart pendants. Got this with the titanium heart pendant due to its weight we needed something strong and this was perfect.