Cat Keepsakes

If you are a cat lover then a photo keepsake in the form of these engraved photo pendants maybe a nice way to keep your feline friend within view. Cats are a loving companion and their faces express as much curiosity as a humans. Upload a photo to see how it suits the pendant shape you like.
Photos of Jet Black Cats can be difficult to reproduce because their is little contrast in the photo.
Please submit your photo by email for approval as to it’s suitability to be reproduced by our engraving technique.
The email address is on the contact page.

This jewellery is for display. if you wear it next to your skin it will deteriorate as your sweat is caustic. Please remove at night and when washing.

Length of chains suited to different sized pendants.
18 inch chains suit mini pendants only.
20 inch chains are suitable for pendants under 3g.
24 inch chains suit small and medium sized pendants.
30 inch and 38 inch pendants suit the bigger pendants.

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