Pet Keepsakes

People love animals and pets, so a photo pendant with their likeness is a popular keepsake.
Here is a selection of photo pendants showing how different breeds of cats, dogs and horses reproduce on photo engraved pendants. The engraved process will achieve a higher level of detail than the colour printed pendants.
The reproduction of the original photo is two very different processes which have their own qualities.
Please bear in mind as a photo is reduced in size it loses detail. If the original photo is faded or out of focus you may want to email us a copy before deciding to order.
This jewellery is for display. if you wear it next to your skin it will deteriorate as your sweat is caustic. Please remove at night and when washing.

The smaller the pendant you choose the less detail can be engraved or printed.
Each pendant listing recommends how many individuals can fit well.
The larger pendants allow a greater level of detail to be reproduced from the original photo.

Length of chains suited to different sized pendants.
18 inch chains suit mini pendants only.
20 inch chains are suitable for pendants under 3g.
24 inch chains suit small and medium sized pendants.
30 inch and 38 inch pendants suit the bigger pendants.

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