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This is a Rhodium Plate Large Printed Colour Round Photo Pendant.
It is one of the largest pendants we offer and is best suited to group photos or detailed close ups of loved ones.
The higher the resolution of the photo uploaded, the better the reproduction of the image on the pendant will be.
These pendants retain a metallic reflective quality after the photo has been printed.
These pendants are designed to be worn outside your clothes.
Give a loved-one an incredibly thoughtful and unique gift with this colour photo pendant.

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Additional information

Weight 22.2 g
Dimensions 45 × 45 × 2 mm
Print Resolution

300 dpi (dots per inch)



Length of Dedication

In Arial and Times New Roman 105 characters and Byron 60 characters.

Recommended Photo

Family Group

These pendants are made to be worn on display. Outside your clothes.
Human sweat is corrosive and will have a reaction with the pendant. This is the wearer's responsibility.


Rhodium Plate Large Round – Colour Photo Pendant.
This pendant is best described as a medallion and is big enough to print a passport sized photo on a 1:1 scale.
Rhodium plate is a highly reflective silver finish which suits the purpose of printed photos.
After printing the photo we coat the pendant to protect it from damage.
These pendants are not suitable to be worn in water or in wet conditions, which the wearer should keep in mind when caring for these pendants.
Treasure a photo pendant as a reminder of a loved one. Photo pendants are a way of keeping a special reminder of those most dear to you wherever you go.

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Please Note

  • We decide at the time of producing whether to remove the background from the photo. Sometimes we judge it better to leave the background in.
  • We recommend ordering portraits of people’s faces.
  • The print density is 300 dpi; (dots per inch). The photos on this page show the quality of reproduction on the pendant.
  • The higher the resolution of the photo you submit, the better it will reproduce on the pendant.
  • The pendant retains its reflective metallic finish after the photo is printed.
  • The colour pendants are coated to protect the printed photo.
  • These colour printed pendants come in two finishes; rhodium plate and 18K gold plate.
  • They are classified as hypo allergenic jewellery; which means they are safe for people with nickel sensitive skin.
  • We engrave text on the back of the pendant.

Photo Requirements

  • Please Note: We decide at the time of producing whether to remove the background from the photo. Sometimes we judge it better to leave the background in.
  • The quality of photo you submit will determine how well it reproduces on a pendant. Please be aware to reproduce your photo on a pendant will mean it is reduced in size and detail. You can not get the same level of detail on something that is smaller than the original. The size of the pendant is stated on the product page.
  • If you submit artwork which is other than a photo of a person’s face the responsibility of how it reproduces by the process of photo engraving is the customers.
  • If in any doubt please email your photo before placing an order.
  • We recommend you make a preview before ordering. Please understand the preview is much larger than the actual pendant to help you position your photo accurately. It is not representative of the actual pendant size.

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Nikola Todorov

Excellent pendant ! Thank you. :)

Gordon Mellor

Rhodium Plate Large Round - Colour Photo Pendant