Length of chains suited to different sized pendants.

18 inch chains suit mini pendants only.
20 inch chains are suitable for pendants under 3g.
24 inch chains suit small and medium sized pendants.
30 inch and 38 inch pendants suit the bigger pendants.

Or if you want to attach your pendant to a key ring we offer 4 different designs in gold plate or rhodium plate.

Select a chain to combine with your photo pendant in the checkout.
These chains are only offered in combination when ordering a photo pendant.
We recommend you select the chain that matches the pendant finish:
Plated pendants; gold or rhodium plated chains; Stainless steel pendant add a stainless steel chain; etc.

Photo Pendants are made to be worn outside your clothes on display.
(Human sweat is corrosive and will have a reaction with the pendant).

Chains come in various metals, lengths and thicknesses.
We offer silver plate, rhodium plate, gold plate, stainless steel or 925 sterling silver chains to combine with the different photo pendants.

Choose a length you find appropriate to the size and weight of the photo pendant.
If the pendant is heavy we recommend a longer chain.

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