This preview shows how the pendant shape works with your photo.
This Preview is not the same size as the pendant. Please read how many faces this pendant is recommended for.

Suitable for A group of people standing closely; focus on the heads

Length of Dedication: In Arial and Times New Roman 65 characters and Byron 40 characters.

We recommend you make a preview to see how your photo will look
Please read the photo tips to understand what photos work well..

Additional information

Weight 16.6 g
Dimensions 26 × 45 × 1.2 mm
Recommended Photo

Family Group

Length of Dedication

In Arial and Times New Roman 65 characters and Byron 40 characters.


Rhodium Plate

SKU sd_39
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Family Photo Keepsake – Engraved Jewellery Pendant


In stock - SKU: sd_39

A family keepsake photo pendant suits a family/group pictures as it will allow three or four individuals to be etched in detail.
This is a rhodium plated wide rectangular photo pendant made to reproduce a group photo on.
The preview option is there to help you visualise how your photo will fit on this shape pendant.
You can add an engraved dedication to the reverse side of the photo pendant.

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These pendants are made to be worn on display. Outside your clothes.
Human sweat is corrosive and will have a reaction with the pendant. This is the wearer's responsibility.


How many group portraits do you have?
A lot if you are typical of most families. Granma will really like this wider style pendant if you put one of your group portraits on it.
Why not take a photo this Christmas for her next birthday present.
Have one of these photos etched on a family photo keepsake; a photo pendant that is wider than it is tall.
The reverse side will allow a long message to be engraved, a message of 150 characters; for example: “Joe, Aimey, Phyl and George. Christmas 2008. Missing you all. Love Ben” is 70 characters, as spaces count.
Please read the FAQs page for info on how to look after your pendant or suitable image requirements for uploading.
Engraved photo pendants are created by an etching technique which relies on contrast between areas that are impacted by a diamond tipped punch and the untouched pendant surface. The diamond point is very fine and can impact 720 dots per square inch. The image is visible through the reflection of light off the engraved surface of the photo pendant. This means there is no colour or printing involved in the production of these photo pendants.
By creating a contrast between light and dark areas of a photo a three-dimensional holographic effect is achieved. When the light falls on the photo jewellery from different angles it gives your photo a magical glint.
Treasure a photo engraved reminder of a loved one by keeping it close to your heart!

Terms and conditions; including returns policy.

Photo Requirements

  • Please Note: We decide at the time of producing whether to remove the background from the photo. Sometimes we judge it better to leave the background in.
  • The quality of photo you submit will determine how well it reproduces on a pendant. Please be aware to reproduce your photo on a pendant will mean it is reduced in size and detail. You can not get the same level of detail on something that is smaller than the original. The size of the pendant is stated on the product page.
  • If you submit artwork which is other than a photo of a person’s face the responsibility of how it reproduces by the process of photo engraving is the customers.
  • If in any doubt please email your photo before placing an order.
  • We recommend you make a preview before ordering. Please understand the preview is much larger than the actual pendant to help you position your photo accurately. It is not representative of the actual pendant size.

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High quality beautiful pendant