Stainless Steel 2mm Ball Chain


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Stainless steel Hypo-allergenic Ball Link Chain.
Select your chain for the photo pendant in the checkout.
Available in 24 inch, 30 inch and 36 inch lengths.
These chains are to combine with the stainless steel photo pendants.
We recommend combining the longer chains with the larger pendants as reduces rubbing on the neck.

These pendants are made to be worn on display. Outside your clothes.
Human sweat is corrosive and will have a reaction with the pendant. This is the wearer's responsibility.


24 inch stainless steel ball chain 2.2mm thick 4.5g
30 inch stainless steel ball chain 1.2mm thick 3.4g
36 inch stainless steel ball chain 1.2mm thick 3.8g

Select your chain for a stainless steel photo pendant in the checkout.

These chains are connected by a ball chain connector which the two ends clip into.
To open hold the clip between finger and thumb, then push one end of the chain at a right angle to the clip.
It may take a few tries, but the chain will pop out of the clip.
To secure reverse the process by pushing the ball on the end of the chain into the clip.
Here are some examples of the pendants we recommend for the different lengths of stainless steel chain:

24 inch chain is recommended for the small and medium pendants:
Stainless Steel Small Bevelled Portrait Photo Pendant 9.4g
Stainless Steel Bevelled Small Heart Photo Pendant 7.7g
Stainless Steel Medium Heart Photo Pendant 4.6g
Stainless Steel Rope Edge Medium Round Photo Pendant 10.6g

30 inch is recommended for the medium or large pendants:
Stainless Steel Medium/Wide Diamante Portrait Photo Pendant 33g
Stainless Steel Medium Rope Edge Curved Heart Photo Pendant 13g
Stainless Steel Small Portrait Photo Pendant 13g
Stainless Steel Diamante Heart Photo Pendant 17g

36 inch is recommended for the large pendants:
Stainless Steel Large Bevelled Portrait Photo Pendant 29.6g
Stainless Steel Large Portrait Photo Pendant 14.5g
Stainless Steel Large Curved Heart Photo Pendant 10g
Stainless Steel Large Drop Heart Photo Pendant 10g
Stainless Steel Large Rope Edge Drop Heart Photo Pendant 15g


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Customer Reviews

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Would recommend to anyone, fast service and brilliant response if you need help, beautiful work. So pleased with the pendant thank you so much


Stainless Steel 2mm Ball Chain

70th gift of mum and dad. ( mums passed away)

Lovely pendant and chain. The photo is fantastic. Just a shame it has to be held at the right angle to be seen. It’s not seen whilst hanging on the neck. Beautiful work though. I will Definitely recommend You to friends and family. Thanks so much.

Great Product

Very nice pendant, clear photos and prompt delivery. So far so good


Very happy with the pendant which I bought for my dad, he was over the moon with it . Thank you