Photo Engraved 6oz Hip Flask


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This 6oz hip flask can be engraved with your photo and dedication, or simply a written dedication. The  flask is made from stainless steel and comes in a black satin lined gift box which will make this a nice gift for a birthday, wedding gift or thank you. These flasks have a small stainless steel funnel to help fill them. Stainless steel is a high tensile alloy so it is hard wearing and will give good service.

We can only engrave on the front of these flasks.

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We recommend you make a preview to see how your photo will look.

Additional information


Stainless Steel

Dimensions of Engraved Area

65mm wide by 70mm tall approx.

Face width



110mm including lid



Length of Dedication

In Arial and Times New Roman 20 characters and Byron 14 characters.


225g in the box


Definition of photo engraving; “engraving” is not the same as printing. The engraved photo is visible when light reflects off the flask; your eye is seeing the difference in shading.
How to keep your flask clean and hygenic:
Please note a spirit held in a flask will only remain drinkable for a few days because the flask is more prone to temperature changes and back wash when being drunk from.
Here are some options on how to clean a stainless steel flask:
Vinegar – Plain white wine vinegar is cheap and found in most households. After generously soaking your hip flask; rinse with boiling water and leave upturned to drain.
Lemon Juice will work as effectively as vinegar
Baking Soda is another traditional cleaning agent that will remove any odour or deposits left internally in a hip flask.Don’t forget to rinse with hot water and leave upside down to dry.
Boiling hot water will work for a quick rinse if you are not changing the spirit your hip flask is holding.

Photo Requirements

  • Please Note: We decide at the time of producing whether to remove the background from the photo. Sometimes we judge it better to leave the background in.
  • The quality of photo you submit will determine how well it reproduces on a pendant. Please be aware to reproduce your photo on a pendant will mean it is reduced in size and detail. You can not get the same level of detail on something that is smaller than the original. The size of the pendant is stated on the product page.
  • If you submit artwork which is other than a photo of a person’s face the responsibility of how it reproduces by the process of photo engraving is the customers.
  • If in any doubt please email your photo before placing an order.
  • We recommend you make a preview before ordering. Please understand the preview is much larger than the actual pendant to help you position your photo accurately. It is not representative of the actual pendant size.

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