Mounted Portraits

These mounted portrait pendants have a centre disc on which your loved one’s photo is engraved. This is set into a back mount which gives the whole pendant a distinguished look.
The pendant will capture many admiring looks from friends and strangers alike.
The plate sits in a portrait frame which enhances the presentation of the engraved photo.
The mount gives these pendants a more solid feel and they make a stronger statement with your engraved photo standing out.
Photo engraving uses a diamond drill to impact on the face of the pendant in very fine detail. By creating contrast between light and dark areas of a photo a three-dimensional holographic effect is achieved. When the light falls on the photo the pendant has a magical glint.
These are Photo Pendants we have produced. The Photo is visible when light reflects off the face.

Length of chains suited to different sized pendants.
18 inch chains suit mini pendants only.
20 inch chains are suitable for pendants under 3g.
24 inch chains suit small and medium sized pendants.
30 inch and 38 inch pendants suit the bigger pendants.

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