Photo Requirements

The quality of photo you supply will determine how well it reproduces on a Photo Pendant.

If you want us to advise on the suitability of your photo before ordering please 

Email your photo to:

Examples of Good Images for Photo Pendants:

For good reproduction on a photo pendant a close-up, high definition in focus photo is required. In focus with good contrast will produce the best results. Flash will remove the contrast and negatively impact on the quality we can produce.

Examples of Bad Images:

Please read these recommendations before placing your order:
  • Your Photo needs to be in focus and have good contrast.
  • Ideally the subject of the image needs to be half of the photo size.
  • Portraits of a person's face works best.

  • Avoid photo with busy backgrounds or bright lights shining behind the subject of the photo.
  • Photos taken with Flash will have less detail to reproduce.
  • Photos of Photos taken with a Phone should be taken without Flash, in focus and the photo should be removed from behind any glass.

  • We accept image formats: JPEG,GIF,TIFF,PNG,BMP or PDF.
  • Maximum file size is 6 Megabytes.

  • If you create a Preview you must and want to order at a later date you must click 'Save' for your Preview to save under 'My Designs' in the 'My Account' section.

Tips on Photos of Animals:

These are examples of images which will NOT produce good results:

Dark face low contrast

Great face but busy background

Poor contrast with background

If you wish to send your  photo by post  our address is:

Photo Pendant c/o Photo Memento
1st Floor, The Gatehouse,
Littlegate Road, Paignton,
Devon TQ3 3AZ,
Please be aware this will incur a charge of £3.50 and the original photo will be returned to you.