This preview shows how the pendant shape works with your photo.
This Preview is not the same size as the pendant. Please read how many faces this pendant is recommended for.

Suitable for Close up of 1 Face

Length of Dedication: In Arial and Times New Roman 20 characters and Byron 14 characters.

We recommend you make a preview to see how your photo will look.

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925 Silver

Face width








Dimensions of Engraved Area

17mm x 20mm

Length of Dedication

In Arial and Times New Roman 20 characters and Byron 14 characters.

Recommended Photo

Close up of 1 Face

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Photo Memorial Pendant – Silver Bevelled Heart


In stock - SKU: slv_27

This is a deluxe 925 Silver Heart Photo Pendant with a raised face and bevelled surround. Have the photo of a loved one’s face etched on the front and a short engraved message on the back.
There is a small stamped “925 Silver” on the back of the pendant which is the internationally acknowledged method denoting it’s purity. 925 means 92.5% pure silver.
“925 Silver” is stamped on the back of each pendant near the base of the pendant.

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These pendants are made to be worn on display. Outside your clothes.
Human sweat is corrosive and will have a reaction with the pendant. This is the wearer's responsibility.


Engraved photo pendants are made with an etching technique. This means there is no colour or printing involved in the production of these photo pendants. By creating a contrast between light and dark areas of a photo a three-dimensional holographic effect is achieved. When the light falls on the photo jewellery from different angles it gives your photo a magical glint. Silver pendants are classified as hypo allergenic jewellery; which means they are safe for people with nickel sensitive skin.

Terms and conditions; including returns policy.

Silver 925 Aftercare

  • These silver photo pendants are not suitable to put on a key ring. Silver is a soft metal which can be scratched by hard objects.
  • Wearing the Silver 925 Pendants next to your skin for long periods can cause the 925 silver to oxidise which means it will change colour. The acids secreted by your skin have a chemical reaction with silver which will discolour the pendant.
  • Perfumes/Aftershaves and Deodarants likewise have a chemical reaction on Silver which can ruin the pendant. You can clean the pendant with Goddard’s liquid Long Term Silver Polish. Apply with a soft lint free cloth. Do not rub the face with too much vigour as you will literally rub the etching off!

Photo Requirements

  • Please Note: We decide at the time of producing whether to remove the background from the photo. Sometimes we judge it better to leave the background in.
  • The quality of photo you submit will determine how well it reproduces on a pendant. Please be aware to reproduce your photo on a pendant will mean it is reduced in size and detail. You can not get the same level of detail on something that is smaller than the original. The size of the pendant is stated on the product page.
  • If you submit artwork which is other than a photo of a person’s face the responsibility of how it reproduces by the process of photo engraving is the customers.
  • If in any doubt please email your photo before placing an order.
  • We recommend you make a preview before ordering. Please understand the preview is much larger than the actual pendant to help you position your photo accurately. It is not representative of the actual pendant size.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Nick Reddin
Heart pendant photo

Great service and great communication my wife loved her late father photo on heart and highly recommended. Not many do this in Ireland so found theses guys and no regrets.
. Whopper work

Claire Macfarlane
Highly Recommended

I purchased 2 pendants, a Silver Bevelled Portrait Photo Pendant and a silver deluxe bevelled heart. The quality of the pendants and the etching has far exceeded my expectations and I know the recipients are going to be overjoyed to receive them. Highly recommended.

David Bunting
Picture pendant

Great product it made the necklace very personal to my wife I would highly recommend.