A guide on how to ensure your photo pendant has a long and enjoyable life These pendants are not made to be worn 24 hours a day. Constant wearing of any jewellery will decrease it’s functional life. Photo pendant UK Photo engraved ID-Tag from Photo Pendant UK Wearing these pendants when sleeping, cleaning, exercising, gardening, bathing, showering,swimming,or washing will potentially damage them. Wearing perfumes, deodorants, hairspray, medical creams or washing them with water or any chemical will start a chemical reaction which can potentially damage your photo pendant. Rubbing the image with your hands, a common comforting behaviour, (particularly when grieving), will start a chemical reaction. Your sweat is acidic. This corrode the image and will cause the pendant to deteriorate rapidly. The pendant can be scratched by contact with hard surfaces. To maintain a photo pendant in its original condition we recommend the minimum amount of contact with your hands or skin as the sweat that perspires from your skin is acidic and will corrode the pendant very quickly. Photo Pendant UK is not responsible for damage caused in any of the above circumstances. NO EXCEPTIONS. How to look after your photo pendant: 1/ When finished wearing a light polishing with a dry lense cleaning cloth will help protect it. Only brush very gently on the photo surface a few times but more vigorously on the reverse face, especially if it has come into contact with your skin. 2/ When you are not wearing the pendant keep in it’s sealed plastic bag, in a dry atmosphere without exposure to direct sunlight. Jewellery cleaning liquids or cloths are NOT recommended. Do not wear the pendant in the shower/bath or swimming pool. Do not expose to detergents/shampoos/deodorants/perfumes/hair spray/face or medical creams. Do not rub with your hands. All of the above will shorten the usable life of your pendant.