This blog explains the problems which arise from the unique appeal of photo pendants. The Photo etching technique which creates a photo pendant impacts on the face of the pendant very lightly. Only microns. This etching reflects light at different angles. This is what your eye sees. Jewellery in general is worn next to the skin and touched by hands. Both have human sweat which is acidic. Human sweat corrodes the plating which will make the photos disappear. All types of jewellery have this problem. Silver turns black. Gold is mixed with other metals like tin to stop it wearing away to nothing. Rhodium is a very hardwearing metal which is used frequently as a plated finish on gold to slow down the erosion of this precious metal. Another problem for photo pendants we have learnt through experience is people play with their jewellery all the time without realising they are doing so. All jewellery pendants experience wear as they move and rub on the skin or the person’s clothing. Because our pendants have a photo of someone they love, when someone is wearing their photo pendant they touch it all the time; applying fresh acid to the pendant with their fingers every few minutes. This is particularly true when people are grieving, they rub their photo pendants with their thumbs. It is a comforting behaviour which unfortunately means they are repetitively rubbing acid into the face of the pendant! When people are grieving their body is suffering extreme stress. This makes their perspiration more acidic. This attacks the jewellery even more. These photo etched pendants would last hundreds of years if people didn’t touch them! However this is not practical, so we apply a plastic coating to our photo pendants to protect them. However if the person is grieving or wearing their pendant all the time this coating will eventually rub off. It’s not the pendant it is how it is treated. A relevant point is these photo pendants are incredibly cheap for a piece of jewellery made to order with your personalised design! What you receive for the price is amazing! Because the price is so low people do not treat them with respect. If they were 10 times more expensive they would look after them better. Compare how people think of a Ferrari to a Fiat. Other solutions to protecting a photo pendant involve electroplating which is expensive. We will be offering this service but it will probably increase the production time by 1 day and the cost by 3 times. So the coating we apply does protect it but it is still dependent on how much use the pendant receives. A bit like a pair of shoes. With use they wear out. Treat them well and they will last longer.